Att välja: Online- eller lokalt faktureringsprogram

faktureringsprogramAtt använda sig av ett faktureringsprogram då man sköter ett företags fakturering kan vara både smart och tidssparande. I stället för att skriva varje faktura manuellt och fylla i alla uppgifter gång på gång och hålla reda på de rådande bestämmelserna så sköter faktureringsprogrammet jobbet automatiskt. Faktureringsprogrammet sköter också möjliga betalningspåminnelser och det blir lättare för företagaren att hålla koll på alla inkommande och utgående betalningar i realtid. Ibland är det också möjligt att koppla ihop faktureringsprogrammet tillsammans med t.ex. bokföringsprogram och lönteutbetalningsprogram, vilket ger en full koll på kassaflödet. Även om det finns många olika faktureringsprogram på marknaden så kan man dela in dem i två olika kategorier: online-faktureringsprogram och lokala faktureringsprogram.

Ett online-faktureringsprogram fungerar helt via internet och all information lagras externt. Detta gör det möjligt att använda faktureringsprogrammet i princip var som helst och när som helst, så länge som det finns tillgång till internet. Faktureringsprogrammet kräver med andra ord ingen speciell dator utan kan nås från vilken dator som helst dygnet runt vilket gör det möjligt för företagaren att fakturera och följa med företagets faktureringar även på semestern. Eftersom all information lagras på internet så finns det ingen risk för att informationen skulle gå förlorad även om datorn skulle havera. Många online-faktureringsprogram erbjuder även online support.

Ett lokalt faktureringsprogram fungerar bara på en viss dator, eller på datorer som är ihopkopplade med varandra. Det lokala faktureringsprogrammet köps som CD eller DVD eller laddas ner från internet och installeras sedan på en dator. Då ett lokalt faktureringsprogram används krävs inget internet utan faktureringsprogrammet är tillgängligt hela tiden från den datorn som programmet är installerat på. Många företagare föredrar att ha all information samlad på en dator, men om man använder ett lokalt faktureringsprogram så är det mycket viktigt att göra back-ups och säkerhetskopior ofta för att minimalisera risken att informationen går förlorad om datorn skulle havera.

Därför är det alltid rekommenderat att använda sig av ett online faktureringsprogram!

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Invoicing software for comfortable and effective work

Do you like cozy and comfortable atmosphere both at home and in office? I guess you do. Me too! And that’s why I try to make my office as comfortable for work as possible. I made every working place in my office up-to-date with all necessary equipment. Furniture is chosen following ergonomics directions. We have also rest room, which is used for lunch breaks and other activities. I am going to buy table tennis to make lunch break for us more attractive. I am a little bit afraid that my workers will spend too much time on playing table tennis, but I hope that I can motivate them to work enough also. Not only working place should be cozy. Computers and programs also should be up-to-date. That’s why I have bought invoicing software recently.

I care about my workers and I want them to work with modern software. Invoicing software was really necessary to us, because we spend much time on creating invoices in Excel and sending them by postal mail. Now our invoicing system works harmoniously. When I bought a membership of invoicing software I showed the program to my workers. They were surprised by how fast invoice can be created and sent. They were testing program and sending invoices to each other. We saw that invoicing software is working correctly and we can start invoicing our customers.

After a week of using invoicing program we decided to compare results. We have found out that the invoicing software saved us about 10 hours of working time, 200 shits of paper and some amount of cartridge toner. I haven’t calculated yet how much it is in money terms, but I guess our saving is quite big. Of course we have to pay for our invoicing program, but still it is more advantageous than manual invoicing.

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Back to business with the invoicing software

Summer time and holidays passed, and business is ready to become active again. Autumn is good time for starting something new like projects, advertisement campaign and so on. People have been relaxing during summer time and now are full of new ideas and energy to fulfill them.

The new idea for my business what I have come up with during my vacation was invoicing software. I have decided to start using some of the invoicing programs. Actually it is hard to choose program. Market is wide and for the beginners it is quite hard to find program with necessary features. Simply you don’t know what features would be necessary and what wouldn’t. If you don’t have someone who could advise you invoicing software, you have to test programs by yourself. It is possible to find free test versions of the programs, so you don’t need to spend extra money. When I tried some invoicing software in the internet, I understood how it functions. I sorted out some features that I need to manage my everyday tasks. It becomes easier when you have an idea of how the program works.

As a customer I can choose invoicing software that is the most appropriate and suitable for my company. To attract customers providers of the invoicing programs offer different kind of bonuses. For example, I have been using my online invoicing software for free entire 2 months. Isn’t it great? Furthermore, I wasn’t forced to bye right afterwards. I could decide by myself whether to bye membership or not. I liked my invoicing manager, so I have bought membership for 3 months and I’m pretty satisfied. My program is easy to use and provides well-looking invoice templates. In general, I think it is worth investing money into invoicing software.

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Our trip to Norway by car

When you go on holidays anything could happen, so it is better to be ready for every situation. We went on holidays to our neighborhood country – Norway. We decided to go by car because it is more convenient when you can stop anywhere and visit every place you like. Besides convenience, traveling by car with four people is cheaper than by plain or train. In Norway we were planning to see Oslo and some small cities around it. I was the only driver in our company, because others didn’t have körkort. This way we call driving license in Swedish. Körkortsfrågor.

It wasn’t problem to drive all the way long, because Norway isn’t far from Sweden and it takes about 6-7 hours. I remember when we were going to the South of France by car it was exhausting. Our way took about 25 hours and we were going without stops for sleeping. Of course there were 2 drivers, but still it was awful to stay in car for so long time. After that trip we decided not to drive more that 12 hours without stops. I don’t mean stops at petrol stations or stops to eat something, but longer stops for sleeping in hotel.

Let’s get back to our trip to Oslo. It was full of pleasure and fun until we found that our car had flat tire. Of course we had spare wheel, but I have never been replacing wheel by myself. I think that this operation should be practiced in driving school before you get your körkort. Fortunately, we have found helpful Norwegians, who helped us with the wheel. They were also so kind and advised us some nice places to visit in Oslo. Our way back to Sweden was without any accidents and we returned home very satisfied with our journey.

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